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Paramotor City's "Lines In A Day" Location & Flying Field

Calling all paraglider, powered paraglider, powered parachute, ultralight delta wing and fixed wing ultralight pilots!!!

Over 900' of groomed dirt field in almost any direction!
Big enough for certified tow operators! Even Sport Pilots are welcome!

Paramotor City's Ultralight Flying Field should be on everyone's "bucket list"!

Paramotor City is located approximately 15 miles west of Albuquerque, NM, just off Exit 140 on Interstate 40. Nestled in the Rio Puerco Valley in Central New Mexico it offers PPG pilots one of the most comprehensive flying facilities anywhere.

11 Paramotor Dr. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

35 3'12.57"N

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The LZ is groomed and flights to open desert prairie, majestic mesas, & colorful rock formations are only minutes away. Watching wild life like wild horses, antelope & coyotes, or spotting prairie dog villages are favorite activities of local pilots. The flying field has a dry river bed just off to the west and pilots will dip-down and fly inside these arroyos and follow them for miles.

Denzel Thompson, a mechanical genius, and an FAA Aircraft Inspector has a shop at the field and can help adjust your motor’s carburetor for the altitude as well as handle any mechanical issues that arise.

Michelle lives at the field and can make you new paraglider lines during your visit.

The Route 66 Hotel & Casino is only 1.5 miles away and will take care of your travel accommadations.

Altitude at the field is 5,300 feet ASL, so launching may require a slight tweaking of your launch & landing technique.

Michelle can help with you with these issues and the experience will improve your overall skills. Once airborne though, it would be hard to find more beautiful scenery. Cross-country flights west to “Wild Horse Mesa”, north to NM’s exotic “Badlands” where many movies and TV shows are filmed, or north-east toward Rio Rancho to perhaps capture the sight of Hot-Air Balloons up for their morning flights are possible. These adventures are not to be missed.

Weather here is usually calm enough in the mornings to get in a flight any time of the year. Winters are, of course, cold, but flyable if you bundle up a bit. You won’t find many places that offer more flyable days.

The local PPG/PPC club, the Route 66 Flyers is very active so you won't be flying alone. On weekends, club get-togethers feature pot-luck dinners in the spacious pavilion adjacent to the lines shop.

Contact Michelle at Paramotor City for more information...

Michelle -
Email: ppg@paramotorcity.com
Phone: (505) 620-1081

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