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Any Line - Any Length!

Michelle Daniele will make paraglider lines for you using the finest quality materials, while utilizing techniques and equipment especially suited for this purpose.
Best of all...
She'll Do It In One Day!

This SPECIAL is only valid when you order & prepay, ONLINE!

Made and Shipped in 24 Hours

* Keep in mind, that we are closed on Sundays!

  • Click here for the Lines EZ Order Form
  • Be sure to include your shipping information on the form
  • Select a payment option
  • The EXACT color may NOT be in stock but be assured that the line(s) you order will be made with the paraglider manufacturer's recommended diameter
  • Our line stock uses Kevlar or Dyneema inner core


We are simplifying our postage options to either priority mail (2-3 day delivery) or Express mail (overnight…..sometimes, add an extra day for rural addresses)

This is only for orders delivered in the USA. Mexico and Canadian orders will remain the same.

We have been getting your orders sent back to us, because first class postage is hard to calculate and personalize when size of envelope and weight change with every order. By using a priority envelope, you will save money when you order more than one line, you will receive your line faster and you will have automatic tracking.

We are excited to make this upgrade as it will benefit you!

NOTICE: Mexican and Canadian orders require an additional shipping charge.
  • An additional $7.00 for Mexico or Canada First Class is charged - click "MX or CAN First class mail ($15.00 per line)" in the shipping drop-down box of the Lines EZ Order Form
  • An additional $19.00 for Mexico or Canada Envelope is charged - click "MX or CAN Envelope ($27.00 4-12 lines)" in the shipping drop-down box of the Lines EZ Order Form

If you still need help, call or email Michelle Daniele
(505) 620-1081

*** Click HERE for the "Lines in a Day" for $20 - EZ Order Form ***

*** Click HERE to Access the Instructional Videos.***
* These videos will help you Remove, Measure and Replace your lines.

REMEMBER: This Special $20, “Lines in a Day” Offer is valid ONLY when you order and prepay, ONLINE

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