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Michelle Daniele FAA Certified Professional Parachute Rigger, Rich Greenwood is now working with Paramotor City offering Emergency Reserve Parachute Inspections & Repacking. Rich is highly qualified for these particular tasks. Rich is a commercial pilot with instrument and multi-engine ratings as well as an A&P Mechanic with Inspection authorization. He is a FAA Master Parachute Rigger, Examiner and Skydiving Instructor. Rich is certified for the inspection and repacking of different types of parachutes; seat, chest, back and reserve.

At this time Rich is only servicing Blackhawk reserves 2017 and newer.
We are sending pre-2017 Blackhawk reserves to Blue Sky Powered Paragliding **.

Rich is also experienced with the paragliding community, as a P4 paraglider pilot as well as a powered paraglider pilot. With such experience and having such an impressive background, he truly understands how much we are relying on the reserve parachute in an emergency. We all hope such a situation never takes place, but we should be confident in Rich’s professionalism to bring us back to earth, safely if indeed an emergency occurs.

The cost of an Inspection & Re-Pack for most brands is $100 plus shipping with a turn-around time approximately two weeks. Send your reserve parachute in with your PG/PPG wing and have them both done at the same time, saving on shipping.
Please follow the instructions described below for shipping your emergency reserve parachute to us whether it be for an inspection OR repacking

1. Pack your emergency reserve parachute in a sturdy cardboard box, as this is the box we will use to ship your reserve back to you. Please DO NOT USE A HARD PLASTIC CONTAINER. The softer, bendable ones are fine, but HARD Plastic Boxes have been known to crack & break during shipping. IMPORTANT: DO NOT use “styrofoam peanuts” when packing your emergency reserve parachute.

2. Insure the emergency reserve parachute for what you need to receive IF it gets lost in the mail. We normally insure your reserve for $1,000 when we ship it back to you, unless otherwise requested by you.

3. Click on the link BELOW to get a printable shipping form that, when completed and included in your shipping box, will have all necessary information we need to help you with your emergency reserve parachute.

Once the Reserve Parachute has been Inspected and Re-Packed, Airtoyz will send you an Invoice for payment.

Contact Drew at Airtoyz with any questions you may have about this service.

Drew -
Phone: (928) 218-1428

Click Here to Access a Printable Shipping Form.

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